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Is Massage a one off treat or a ‘Wellness Necessity?’

Throughout my time in the Spa industry I’ve worked on cruise liners, global destination Spa’s and brand-developed cosmetics lines, so you could say that Im somewhat obsessed by the trade and all it’s paraphernalia. However, whilst the spa-industry is promoting various muscle-ease wraps, herbal muds, detox creams and the like, Im bringing it all back to basics - to the oldest and simplest form healing and detoxifying treatment there is - a good old Massage!

I often hear opinions of Massage treatments being perceived as luxurious treats or one offs, usually when the body is knotted up with tension and stresses. By this point, there is a lot of work to do and remedy. I wonder if we really knew the true value of Massage, it would it be seen as a monthly necessity, rather than an indulgence?
There’s really no denying the power of a great Massage treatment, it’s undoubtably beneficial to our wellbeing. The feeling of relaxed shoulders no longer up around your ears, soothed limbs and joints, calmed mental state - these are all wonderful benefits of a load thats been lightened. To add to that, the stuff going on internally is just as incredible.
Here are just a few of the oh-so-many many true and practical benefit’s for you to ponder...

Detox Action - Good massage will send your body into eliminating toxins, assisting a cleanse! It does this by giving the circulation a powerful boost allowing fresh blood flow to the cells and carrying away toxins and other nasties. This is why massage is so great for cellulite.

Mental Rest & Remedy - As you relax whist being massaged, your nervous system is calmed, allowing your mind time to rejuvenate, hence a headache can be alleviated and clearer thought’s processed. It places you at ease due to the biological effects of touch. Clients often feel entirely renewed after a treatment, because they have ‘let go’ and received the incredible calming mental benefits.

Inside stuff - Massage boosts the immune system, strengthening our core. It relieves muscle tension, reduces muscle spasms, and assists joint flexibility. It increases circulation and oxygen, so lowering heart rate and blood pressure. A number of outward and inward bodily complaints can be alleviated with proper massage techniques.

Skin - The skin becomes more supple and it even enhances the production of collagen & elastin (hence serious anti-aging!) it also speeds healing of scar tissue and stretch marks through cell renewal.

Not bad, for something most of us believe to be a one off luxury.

Having said all this, it’s also vitally important to have a good relationship with the therapist and that he/she truly loves what they do. Touch is such a personal thing, and I believe it’s essential to feel completely at ease with all aspects of the experience to gain these benefits. Sometimes this can be trial and error of course, but it’s worth it.
So, to sum things up, we’d all be better off if we ‘treated’ ourselves to this ancient form of pampering. Our every day lives are full of little and large stresses, so 'time out' even if just once a month, is essential and will be well received by your hard working body.

Enjoy Cx