My secret ingredient for glowing skin... November 30 2011, 0 Comments

Throughout a Facial with me, you’ll experience specialised massage techniques, pressure points and a whole host of fruits and herbs to give a gorgeous healthy glow, but there's one particular product that gives an incredible super-skin result.

Almond+Mineral Treatment by Eminence is my little secret weapon to create the skin-result that all my clients want to achieve. It’s an extremely effective natural glycolic exfoliator, digesting dead cells and works deeply within the epidermis. It contains Hot-Paprika and Nettle to stimulate + oxygenate the cells, ground Ivy tones + tightens the pores and finely crushed almonds slough dead skin. The result is quite astonishing, giving a plumped, revitalised result. It’s one of the most 'active' and effective retail-products that I’ve come across, giving you the appearance of a 2hr Facial - Instantly.

To use - Apply half a teaspoon amount of Almond+Mineral Treatment mixed with a drop of water to your face/neck/chest. Leave on for 10 minutes, then wash off with cool water. Your skin will feel a hot, tingly sensation (the paprika takes your skin cells for a work-out) Once removed your skin will be pink and feel quite hot, Don't Worry - this is normal, it will calm and disapear after about 10/15minutes, leaving your skin fresh, bright and glowing! After removing I like to wipe over a toner and apply an Organic Serum or Moisturiser.

You'll see the benefit on your skin for about 5 days. This product is particularly suited to dull/dry/dehydrated skin as it gives an intense boosting treatment.

A misconception in the Beauty industry today is that the Organic Products arn’t as effective as chemical brands. This is a myth. Your skin (your largest organ) absorbs around 60% into the blood stream - just as if you’d eaten it! Which is why I only recommend using cosmetics that are safe to eat. Regular skincare brands don't get past my treatment room. Things to watch out for - Chemicals such as phthalates, mineral oils, sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol, and parabens - All are commonly used in cosmetics and body care products, and are known to be toxic to the human body.

My advice... GO ORGANIC :-)