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Throughout a Facial with me, you'll experience the heavenly scent of a Nadia Candle subtly burning within the room. Made with pure essential oils, these aromatherapy blended candles uplift your mood and actually make you feel better.

She wouldn’t shout about it, but Nadia herself is London’s most well-renowned yoga teacher, favored by Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Weisz and many more. Nadia's dream was to make beautifully scented natural candles to enjoy whilst practicing yoga.

Nadia launched her hand-made candles 3 years ago. They were naturally enfolded into the homes of her following and various london retailers (Harvey Nichols, Triyoga, Lost in Beauty) There are currently 5 different scents in the range, each evoking a particular state of mind...

Love - Rose + Geranium (romantic scent to rebalance + restore)

Peace - Fresh Lavender (tranquil scent to relax + unwind)

Hope - Basil, Baylaurel + Lime (zingy scent to uplift + refresh)

Joy - YlangYlang, Lavender + Sweet Orange (seductive scent to soothe + calm)

Light - Orange, Clove + Cinnamon (warming, spicy + comforting scent)

Being a girly-girl my personal favorite is Love as it's florally and feminine, closely followed by Light which is a christmasy scent. Nadia Candles are the perfect little gift for anyone who enjoys natural luxury. £28


Nadia Candles smell so beautiful, like her they bring a sense of Peace, Love + Joy into the house Kate Moss