Age-defying Light Therapy Facials October 30 2012, 0 Comments

The benefits of light therapy are widely recognised in modern medicine as they deliver safe, effective, comfortable skin rejuvenation and healing. The system uses LED optimised light which is absorbed through cell receptors to increase cell energy and collagen production. The treatment is very comfortable and a favourite for gentle rejuvenation.

The Science

Cells in the human body use light and convert it into ATP (adenosine triphosphate) this is the energy/fuel that powers a cell. Plant cells have a similar process - photosynthesis produces 'chlorophyll', their fuel for life. When Light Therapy is used on the skin, it triggers the production of ATP, which increase's fibroblast activity - stimulating collagen production and promotes healing. The effects are smoothing of wrinkles, acne/scar healing, softened pigmentation (sun damage) and shrinking pore size.

The Treatment 

Skin is cleansed, prepped and assessed. The light canopy is placed over the face for 20 minutes emitting a warm bright glow - followed with organic serums and treatment after-care. For an instant visible boost, try a Glow & Go Facial where I apply Hyarulonic Acid Serum to feed your skin before Light Therapy. 

Charlotte x