Why I LOVE using Eminence Organics April 20 2013, 0 Comments

I've been using Eminence Organics for 5 years now and really enjoy working with ingredients from nature rather than a cocktail of chemicals. Eminence started from the humble garden of a Hungarian woman, but now reaches into the skincare regimen of celebrities including Katherine Heigl, Jessica Biel and Madonna. Eminence's brand manager talks about the history and philosophy...

How did Eminence come about? 

Eminence started in 1958 when the current owners grandmother couldn’t import skincare products (because Hungary was a communist country) and had to make skin care with what she could grow in the garden, this included fruits, vegetables and herbs. When they could finally import products when Hungary became a republic they realised they were making something unique and decided to keep producing under the Eminence brand. Her grandsons moved the company to Canada in 2000 to grow the company into the world wide brand it is today.

What is the brand philosophy of Eminence?

Eminence’s brand philosophy is to use only the healthiest ingredients, without any harmful chemicals or additives, chosen to give premium results to all skin types. We believe in a holistic approach to skin care and health and feel passionate about sharing our quality products with the world.

What’s unique about Eminence in comparison to other organic or natural skin care brand in the market?

Eminence is unique to other organic skin care brands on the market because we have a ‘whole food’ philosophy. Instead of using essential oils we cold press whole fruits and vegetables so the vitamins and minerals stay fresh and alive in the jar, giving you maximum anti-oxidant protection. We use the whole fruit, skin, pulp and seed as sometimes it’s the ‘waste’ that has the highest anti-oxidant and bioflavonoid value.

Eminence products are not mass produced and are in fact hand-made. How does the product stay fresh and usable for long and what is the standard shelf life of your products? 

There are several factors that keep our products fresh. First of all, making smaller batches of product and distributing those products straightaway instead of warehousing them for a period of time, gets the product to spas fresh, about only one month old. Secondly, Eminence does not use water as a filler in our product, everything is a concentrate. If you don’t add water as a filler, then you need fewer preservatives in the product. We use natural preservatives including witch hazel, rosemary and soyamine (a soy protein that prevents rancidity). In addition to these natural preservative the product is so high in anti-oxidant value that it also serves as a self preservative function.

What’s in store for Eminence? Any up and coming product launches in the pipeline?

We have something very special in store; this our most anti aging product to date. Based on our natural Retinol Alternative Complex and the stem cells from the swiss garden apple this collection promises to live up to its Age Corrective name. 


If you'd like to know which of  the organic product's would suit your skin type best, feel free to email me and I'll recommed and personal skin-care perscription for you.

I look forward to treating you to an Eminence Organics Facial  very soon!


Madonna loves Eminence Organics October 23 2012, 0 Comments

My client’s adore Eminence Organics - the brand I use to create healthy glowing skin. I’ve been praising the virtues of Organic Skincare since I started my beauty career over a decade ago, and it seems that A list celeb's are swiftly becoming addicted to the benefits as well.

In September's issue of Marie Claire, Madonna mentioned her favourite products are by Eminence Organics - she highlighted the fact that they are 'all-natural' and likens them to food. 

"They contain all-natural ingredients. Everything they make smells like food, so facial cleansers smell like blueberries [Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser], the toning serum smells like strawberry [Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum], and the body scrub smells like coconut [Coconut Sugar Scrub]." 

Try Madonna's fave's to create the luminous look... 

Blueberry Soy Exfoliating Cleanser - £29 Refining cream cleanser with naturally exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid to remove impurities. Tannin-rich blueberries + soy give a luminous, youthful glow.

Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum - £29 Hyaluronic acid (from the marshmellow plant) is proven to deeply hydrate, plump and shrinks pore's - use before applying your moisturiser.

Coconut Sugar Scrub - £35 (Fatty acids in the virgin Coconut oil mimics those in your skin. Buff your skin smooth with this scrub for deep hydtration and nutrition.

So whats the secret? Eminence crops are organically grown, handpicked, cold pressed and made in small batches to ensure freshness. Each product contains whole organic fruit, flowers, herbs and spices. 100% from nature, with absolutely no nasties! These products really are rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids. The raw, fresh ingredients work to renew, repair and 'feed' your skin - with what nature intended (rather than a cocktail of chemicals)

It's important to remember that your skin (your largest organ) absorbs around 60% into the blood stream - just as if you’d eaten it. Which is why I only recommend using cosmetics that are safe to eat - regular skincare brands don't get past my treatment room.

As always, I look forward to meeting and treating you

Charlotte x